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  1. UberDog Oct 07, 2016

    Wolf's Rain is an epic masterpiece of anime work. For the imagery to the sound track everything is top notch and extremely artful.

    I concur GET YOUR WOLF ON people !

  2. angelxxuan Banned Member Oct 06, 2016

    no better season than now to watch wolf's rain, get your wolf on. or re-watch, nothing wrong with watching and re-watching a great anime legend of it's time.

  3. UberDog Feb 26, 2015

    I thought you might like that Bunny. Enjoy!

  4. angelxxuan Banned Member Feb 25, 2015

    welcome to the fun ghazal !

    to be honest, that looks like an interesting picture to ponder in the future pup

  5. UberDog Feb 24, 2015

    Welcome to our newest member ghazalkashani. We are glad to have another member in the pack. Hope you have a howling good time with us.,800x800,070,f.jpg

  6. angelxxuan Banned Member Aug 20, 2014

    welcome to the fun kazukazzu, glad you could join us :)

  7. UberDog Aug 20, 2014

    Welcome kazukazzu! Sorry for the delay in making you a full fledged badge carrying member here at Wolf's Rain. I have been supper busy and such.

    Anyway we all hope you have a Howling Good Time here and enjoy the artwork. =^_^=

  8. angelxxuan Banned Member May 21, 2014

    hey there mamome and welcome to the group :) been awhile since we've had a new member who enjoys wolf's rain enough to join the group, but it's always good to have people around who enjoy such an outstanding anime !

  9. UberDog May 21, 2014

    Welcome to the Wolf's Rain Group mamome! I have updated your status to full member. Hope to see you around. Enjoy! =^_^=

  10. mamome Banned Member May 21, 2014


  11. angelxxuan Banned Member Jan 06, 2014

    got that right ! or have at least seen it ! there is more to anime than just what people deem popular !

  12. UberDog Jan 06, 2014

    Bunny I believe that every true anime fan should have a copy of Wolf's Rain in their collection. =^.^=

  13. angelxxuan Banned Member Jan 05, 2014

    that's so sad but true, and there are some who never watch it at all because it's not being slaughtered with re-runs on tv and doesn't have those things which people find important to have in an anime. in my opinion you don't need that to make it a good anime !

  14. UberDog Jan 05, 2014

    Yes Bunny I am still a huge fan but alas so much anime keeps on coming that the older classics can get buried and forgotten.

  15. angelxxuan Banned Member Jan 04, 2013

    even though the group is pretty much dead, I hope everyone that's left and/or still visits had some good holiday cheer. there's the year of the snake coming up though.

    can you feel the gravity?

    merged: 12-06-2013 ~ 09:41pm
    it's so quiet these days? do we still got any wolf's rain fans left?

  16. UberDog Aug 20, 2012

    A Howling good Welcome to our new members WaterDragon98 and XxTsukinoXx !

    We hope you enjoy your time here. =^.^=

  17. angelxxuan Banned Member Jul 14, 2012

    welcome to the group WaterDragon98

    merged: 08-14-2012 ~ 08:06pm
    welcome to the group XxTsukinoXx glad to have you here with us

  18. UberDog Jul 08, 2012

    Welcome chizu4 to the group.

  19. angelxxuan Banned Member Jul 08, 2012

    welcome to the group chizu4 glad to have you

  20. UberDog Jul 01, 2012

    If Cheza would not approve then I digress...

  21. angelxxuan Banned Member Jul 01, 2012

    hey, hey no sneaking ! bad Kiba, Cheza would not approve !

  22. UberDog Jun 30, 2012

    *Sneaks up behind angel* and welcomes momochappy as well.

  23. angelxxuan Banned Member Jun 28, 2012

    welcome momochappy glad to have you

  24. UberDog Jun 05, 2012

    Welcome 1blackbirdswing glad to have you with us. =^.^=

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